Give your garden time, not money

This article was originally published in May 2019, in The Point, Crown Point’s community newspaper. Is something terrible happening to your favourite shrub? Did you make a garden bed last year and everything died? Is your rock-hard soil growing a bumper crop of weeds? It’s natural for keen gardeners to tackle problems head-on. We wantContinue reading “Give your garden time, not money”

Carrie does not love Tom

She never did. Crammed with nudges and winks, this educational piece was originally published in the May 2022 issue of Cross Pollination, the newsletter of the Halton Region Master Gardeners. By Bev Wagar, Halton Master Gardener Carrot had been growing beside Tomato for only a few weeks when she realized she didn’t like the guy.Continue reading “Carrie does not love Tom”

Garden Activism—Are You at Risk?

This tongue-in-cheek article was originally published in the April 2022 issue of Cross Pollination, the newsletter of the Halton Region Master Gardeners. Does your love of gardening come with strong opinions, ideas that sometimes bolt from the brain and barge headlong into the world? When thoughts and convictions grow mouths and legs, do be wary—itContinue reading “Garden Activism—Are You at Risk?”

Using an Instant Pot to sterilize triple mix

Today (Aprl 10, 2022) I did a kitchen experiment to see if I could use our Instant Pot to sterilize triple mix.The reason for the desire to heat-treat the mix is the risk of Jumping Worms (Amynthas ssp.) an invasive species that has recently been reported in my city of Hamilton (Ontario Canada). Although theContinue reading “Using an Instant Pot to sterilize triple mix”

Killing stuff in the garden

Ah Facebook. You’re a sputtering font of knowledge. A murky, shallow pool of occasional wisdom. Especially this time of year, in mid-June, when gardens really start to look like gardens and life busts out all over the place. I’m an admin for the Master Gardeners of Ontario Facebook group and also a fairly regular visitorContinue reading “Killing stuff in the garden”

More than a pretty blog…

I’m starting out on a positive note with a new web site, mainly to showcase my recent work for potential clients. WordPress’ new “block” system is a challenge, and so are the design limitations! As I learn more there may be some changes, possibly to a full WordPress installation. This blog area will be usedContinue reading “More than a pretty blog…”