What is an ecological garden?
One that serves the needs of all creatures, not just humans.
One that respects nature’s interconnected systems, embraces bio-diversity, and redefines “beauty”.

What to expect…

professional work

Designs are to scale and make use of powerful software.

Optional 3-D renderings can be helpful for envisioning the new space and shade patterns.

flexibility for your budget

if you’re a beginner you may want all the components: site plan, concept plan, planting plan, shopping list/sourcing information, maintenance plan.

Experienced gardeners may want to take only the parts they need.

uncommon designs

Your new garden will be unique. You won’t get the usual ho-hum landscaper stuff. No space-fillers, invasive plants, or cookie-cutter layouts.

I work with your priorities (colour? scent? butterflies? birds?) to create a garden especially for you.