Garden design
I’m taking on small projects, ones that don’t require days in front of a computer squinting at landscape renderings, wishing my hips were 20 years younger.
But I’d love to help out with a front yard “lawn gone” project, a boulevard, or a not-too-daunting backyard makeover.
Are you a gardener? Would you like a second opinion or suggestions on native plant options? I’m happy to visit your garden if you live in the Hamilton area.

Plant sales and giveaways
Sadly I’ve had to shut down the backyard plant nursery. Invasive jumping worms, now present in both the front and back yard, have prompted some radical changes to the way I garden. Despite my vigilance there’s a risk of JWs and their cocoons contaminating the potting mix and seedlings. It only takes one mistake (or one very determined climbing worm) to spread the scourge of jumping worms to fellow gardeners.

So no more plant sales or volunteer giveaways. 🙁

Free plants for fellow JW sufferers…
If you’re a volunteer with one of Hamilton’s activist, gardening, or ecologically-oriented public service groups and you also have invasive jumping worms (pretty soon they’ll be everywhere) you are welcome to root-washed seedlings from my garden.

photo: Bev Wagar CC BY-NC-ND
photo: Bev Wagar CC BY-NC-ND