Transforming a corner lot
This plan was a response to the owners’ desire to remove all the turfgrass and fill all the space with gardens. Having had a false start that saddled them some unsuitable species, they came to understand the need for native plants, bio-diversity, and patience. With so many trees and shrubs, this property will become a lovely, cool, woodland. It’s important to design for the present as the future, and there will be a few updates necessary as the shade increases and the shrubs spread. Because the project required a sheet mulch of the entire property and involved the construction of an enclosed porch, this design was completed in two phases. First, the invasive / inappropriate trees and shrubs were removed and the turfgrass was sheet mulched with woodchips. Trees and shrubs were sourced and planted. Then, beginning four months later (in the fall) and continuing the next year, herbaceous perennials were added.

Part one of a complete makeover: removals, trees, and shrubs.

Large Woodland Garden
This is a long, wide border with several existing shrubs and trees. The plan incorporated a tiny “nook” garden that can be enjoyed up close from the patio.

Bio-diversity in a small space
A client’s garden, in its second year. The Carpinus caroliniana (Blue Beech / Musclewood) is a city tree that needed intervention to survive. This garden is about 50% native and incorporates heirloom annuals as well as great variety of perennial species for season-long blooms. There’s a nice balance of order and exuberance here.

Public Garden in Crown Point (East Hamilton)
This is the Pipeline Trail Pollinator Paradise Garden, approx. 650 sq. ft. and almost all native plants. I designed this, in collaboration with Pollinator Paradise Project staff, in 2014. It has matured and evolved over the years with several species being replaced and many more added.

Student Work, 2018
A concept plan for an urban property, front & back gardens. This project involved a complete base map and 3-D renderings.


A student project in 3-D in which I re-imagined a local elementary school playground. The new “green” site includes trees, ornamental gardens, food gardens, and an outdoor classroom.

Background & Credentials

Accredited Practitioner, Society for Organic Urban Landcare (SOUL) https://organiclandcare.ca/Sys/PublicProfile/37804361/4209810
Organic Master Gardener (SOUL)
Landscape for Life Teacher Training https://landscapeforlife.org/teachers/teacher-directory/
Member, Ecological Landscape Alliance https://www.ecolandscaping.org/
Pollinator Steward Certification, Pollinator Partnership Canada (2022) https://pollinatorpartnership.ca/
Environment Hamilton www.environmenthamilton.org
Member, Royal Botanical Gardens Volunteers https://www.rbg.ca/volunteer

Co-Founder, Garden Journeys Open Days (2023)
Co-Founder & Past President, Crown Point Garden Club http://crownpointgardenclub.org/
Founder, Monarch Awards Hamilton http://monarchawardshamilton.org/
Recipient, Betty Blashill prize, part of EH’s Environmentalists of the Year awards (2017)

BA, York University (1996) English Literature
Diploma (Gaia College, 2019) Organic Land Care/Landscape Design
Webinars (Ecological Landscape Alliance, 2017-present) too many to list
Courses: Mohawk College (2018) Deciduous Trees HORT HOR02
University of Guelph (way back) Introduction to Botany